You call this a compromise?

I’m sure Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz couldn’t sleep Thursday night, from laughing so hard about the slick one he pulled on the people of Augusta at the press conference earlier that day – merging Augusta State University and GHSU under the “branding name” of Georgia Regents University Augusta, but Georgia Regents University still is the official name.

So now, “Augusta” is part of the name, but not officially? Be honest – this is no different than throwing a bone to your dog in the hope it’ll make him stop barking.

So the name “Augusta” will be included on all merchandising, as part of the logo, etc. “I think we got a great compromise,” said Save The A member Nick Evans. I wasn’t aware this was about “compromise.” Augusta should be part of the official name of the school, period. It’s either going to be part of the name of the school or it isn’t. Where’s the compromise in that?

Ten years from now, John Doe will be cleaning out his closet, and look at that old ball cap he got in college that reads “Georgia Regents University Augusta,” then he’ll stare at the diploma on the wall, which reads “Georgia Regents University.” And for the life of him, he won’t remember why there’s a difference. Yes, that old short attention span that people have – exactly what Azziz is counting on.



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