GRUA is marketing disaster

Just go ahead and rename it the Ricardo Azziz Community College of Augusta.


So – regarding the new name for the merged Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University – what’s the wonderful, sycophantic “compromise” we’re expected to swallow now? Georgia Regents University Augusta.


I personally have been involved in some of the most successful marketing and branding efforts here in Augusta since 1979: the Eye Guys, Carpet Country, WifeSaver, Taylor Auto Group, Century 21 Larry Miller Realty and many more.

This is not a compromise, folks – it’s a marketing and branding aberration of the first magnitude. It seems to portend plans to make Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University just another “branch” of the University of Georgia – which may have been GHSU President Azziz’s goal all along.

How much more marginalization of our city’s world-famous brand must we suffer?

What’s next? Georgia Regents University-Toccoa Falls? GRU-Americus?

Or the potential favorite of University System of Georgia Board of Regents Chairman Benjamin Tarbutton III – Georgia Regents University-Sandersville?

The only acceptable name choices should be the University of Augusta or Augusta University. Period.

You cannot “compromise” with a bunch of bullies.



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