A 'compromise'? Hardly

Newsflash! No name change for our university equals a compromise?

With all the charm and sensitivity of a carpetbagger, Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz will get to keep his contrived and nontransparent Georgia Regents University name since no further action will be taken by the Georgia Board of Regents. Interestingly, the name “Augusta” will be added to the end of all branded and trademarked items.

To whom do the proceeds from these item go? Will these be research dollars?

Like forced doses of castor oil, it appears that only one-sided compromises are the doctor’s prescription for Augusta. It’s all snake oil!

And what will be Azziz’s legacy? If he keeps working hard, he might just become more beloved than Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman. Unfortunately for Augustans, we will all have to wait and see.



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