Writer misguided on hatred

I was surprised and a bit confused by Edward Maner’s guest column for The Augusta Chronicle titled “Obama is an unfair victim of hatred” (Oct. 14). It seems that Maner is quite full of his own brand of hatred, expressed by lumping all white conservatives into ranting, ex-Ku Klux Klan members who are uneducated simpletons.


The implication that all who don’t espouse his feelings of President Obama’s superiority of leadership have ignorant mentalities and are racists seems to indicate his own reverse racism in voting for Obama because he is black.

He mentions Rush Limbaugh and other white conservatives who are outspoken and brash, but he fails to mention the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a black minister who shrieked for God to “damn America” openly in a very public church broadcast. There always will be people on the outer edge of civility expressing their thoughts, no matter whether the focus is politics, religion, schools, sports or who shot J.R. But they are not the majority, and they certainly are not the voices who sway most of us to do their bidding!

He wrote about the “reality” (his word) that there is a move afoot to suppress black Americans from voting. If you are referring to the move to show a photo ID before voting, I assume you are forgetting that all white Americans also must have such an ID, just as blacks and whites both must have it for many other things besides voting. Here are a few:

• boarding an airplane;

• writing a check;

• cashing a check;

• using a credit card;

• driving a motor vehicle;

• applying for a business license;

• applying for permission to hold a protest or rally;

• securing employment;

• purchasing a house or real estate;

• renting a domicile;

• renting a motor vehicle;

• purchasing a firearm (includes BB guns);

• applying for a hunting license (waived for 16- and 17-year-olds when their guardian provides a photo ID);

• applying for a fishing license (waived for 16- and 17-year-olds when their guardian provides a photo ID);

• purchasing alcoholic beverages.

Rational thinking; a keen awareness of facts; a study of exactly what Obama has accomplished in the past four years; an understanding of what his failures have been; and a knowledge of his opponent’s qualifications to fill the office of president are necessary in making your choice for whom to vote in this election.

I agree that hatred and racism have no place. And, by the way, more whites voted for Obama than for the very white John Kerry or Al Gore. That doesn’t sound like racist behavior.



Obama is an unfair victim of hatred


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