Vote for religious freedom

This is a wake-up call to the “Joe Biden Catholic Social Teachings” voters out there.


Who do you think really cares about the poor – Mitt Romney, who gave $6 million of his own money to charity last year; or Joe Biden and President Obama, who want to give your money to others?

We are taught that we have the responsibility to share our “time, talent, and treasure” with those in need. Jesus gave us His example of this. We are not taught that we should turn this responsibility over to the government and thus excuse ourselves of any personal responsibility.

Never in our history have we had an administration so hostile toward religious freedom as Obama’s. I understand our laws allow women the right to have an abortion, but neither my taxes nor our religious organizations should be forced to fund them. People have the right to own firearms, but I don’t think that you should be forced to pay for my firearms through your taxes or through your religious organizations.

Various forms of birth control are readily available for both men and women, but should our religious organizations be forced to pay for them if their use violates their beliefs and teachings? This administration has mandated that Catholic and other Christian religious organizations fund abortions and birth control. They have greatly restricted religious freedom for our own military personnel – all while seeking re-election. Once reelected, how restricting will they be?

Our Christian teachings and values tell us to help those in need and the Catholic Church, among others, has a long history of providing such help. Through both organized and individual efforts, Christians have provided assistance with housing, food, clothing and utilities, as well as Catholic schools, hospitals, orphanages, etc.

This help is our Christian duty, not the primary responsibility of our government!

Ken Dendinger




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