Four more years of excuses

This presidential campaign has seen much controversy over economic issues, with both sides making difficult-to-assess claims. However, the tragedy in Benghazi has made the character issue crystal clear.


Even if we could forgive the disastrous security decisions that cost four lives, the subsequent lying to cover up is unforgivable.

We now know the State Department’s operations center was in real-time contact with the ongoing situation on the ground in Benghazi before and during the attack. Before the attack, they knew there was no demonstration and all was quiet. And later, they knew the well-coordinated action by up to 100 armed men using heavy machine guns, rockets and mortars was a signature al-Qaida attack, even before the black flag of al-Qaida was raised over the ruins.

Within 24 hours, President Obama, Vice President Biden and Secretary Clinton knew the facts concerning the attack, but instead of taking responsibility they colluded in promoting the lie that it was a demonstration over an anti-Islamic YouTube video that got out of hand.

They sent the State Department spokesperson and the U.N. ambassador out repeatedly to sell that false story. President Obama and Hillary repeated it numerous times, profusely apologizing for the offending video. And now, they are claiming that poor security was the fault of the intelligence community for not providing any “actionable intelligence.” And Joe Biden has claimed innocence, as the White House has done, saying he didn’t know Ambassador Stevens and others in Libya had made repeated requests for additional security.

If we vote for four more years of this administration, we can only expect more lying excuses and blame shifting as our foreign relations and economy continue to sink into complete ruin. We must ensure four brave Americans did not die in vain.

Donald L. Davis




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