Public sentiment shunned

Observing events surrounding naming our new university, many are dumbfounded by the choice made by the Board of Regents in the face of seemingly universal preference for a name that incorporates the word “Augusta.”

It is quite obvious the city-county government, local media, uncounted residents and Augusta State University students and faculty disapprove of the proposed “Georgia Regents University.” The question must be raised: Why are both the regents and Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz so insistent on the selected name? Is there some cogent and perhaps unknown reason why GRU was chosen? If so, there has been no explanation to the public.

If the regents and Azziz are aware of the enormous resistance to GRU, why are they still going down that path? A university would greatly benefit from strong community support and pride, and any administrator of that university would perhaps find goals easier to reach when the community is fully aboard.

May we hope the regents and Azziz are rethinking steps already taken? It seems an incredible waste of energy and good will to so resist the feelings and wishes of the people of the Augusta area. The lack of flexibility remains very puzzling.



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