This year, I'm voting myself

I am writing to comment on Al Gray of Lincolnton’s letter (“Vote Anderson? Think again,” Oct. 13). I agree that Lee Anderson is not fit to represent anyone in the U.S. Congress. But incumbent U.S. Rep. John Barrow is not any better, either. Barrow knows that Obamacare is a serious tax increase on everyone and will bankrupt this country if allowed to be fully implemented. Yet he refused to vote to repeal it.


So for these reasons, I cannot vote for either of them. I will be doing a write-in vote for myself.

I cannot vote for someone just because someone tells me they are the lesser of two evils. This way, whoever is elected, I can say that I did not vote for them, and I can sleep at night knowing that I did not compromise my principles.

For all of the people out there saying that I am wasting my vote, I disagree with you. I will be voting for someone I think can do a better job than the ones on the ballot.

John Morris



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