Officials can't reject people

Over the past few weeks, I have sent three letters to Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal concerning the Augusta State University/Georgia Health Sciences University name change. Usually I do not ask for a response; I just want my voice heard. Concerning the last letter, I was curious, so I asked for feedback. Here is part of the statement I received:


“When it came to the name of the institution, the process was designed to allow every voice to be heard. ... This part of the process is finished. Now that the Board of Regents has made its decision on the name, the real work lies in coming together as a community to make this new institution the best academic choice for students.”

Has all government in this nation forgotten to whom they are responsible?

Do the governor and the Board of Regents remain clueless to wishes of the community to which the school owes its existence? Are these public servants that moronic? I think not. They live in a world of the cavalier, where we are their subjects.

It is clear the citizens of the CSRA have rejected this name. However, the governor and the Board of Regents are showing they have the chutzpah to discount the community that has supported ASU and Medical College of Georgia institutions since their genesis.

Our best chance currently of countering this arrogance is to support the Save the A campaign. Go crazy, Augusta – go crazy!

Barry F. Cook


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