Insurance system flawed

A quick note on the health-care issue: Are we better off today? In my family, the definitive answer is yes.


Three of our children now have insurance to help pay for their health care. Our daughter had a cyst break open recently at 2 a.m. A trip to the emergency room ensued. After three hours and two prescriptions, the road to recovery was under way. The emergency room bill was $1,100, and the doctor’s bill has yet to arrive (approximately $300).

Without insurance, she would have owed the full amount of $1,400, period – a bill that probably would be long in getting paid off, if ever. With insurance, there was a $100 copay, and all is taken care of. The actual amount paid the hospital is about $450 because of insurance negotiators (a bill that could and should be paid).

Please tell me there is something un-American about mandating that the uninsured among us pay for insurance so that they are not driven into debt – a debt sometimes three times what us insured people experience with the health-care system taking the brunt in unpaid services.

I only know for sure that there is something wrong with the system. When some politician suggests that the emergency room is an answer, I’d suggest he has no understanding of what he is talking about – a scary position when so many lives are in the balance.

Jeffrey Hall




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