Writer's assumption wrong

Regarding Edward Maner’s Oct. 14 column “Obama is an unfair victim of hatred,” I find it sad and disheartening for a veteran educator of 31 years to assume that all of President Obama’s “detractors” are merely racists. Could it be that reasonable, “astute, fair minded Americans” have observed the state of the economy, the unsustainable debt and the inept handling of this administration’s foreign policy (not to mention the inequitably high unemployment rate for the black constituency), and have come to the reasonable conclusion that no segment of our population can afford four more years with Mr. Obama as our president?


Regarding Mr. Maner’s assertion that “right-wing Republicans have implemented an unfair voting agenda to disenfranchise millions of black Americans to keep Mr. Obama from being re-elected”: In the name of reason and common sense, could it be that reformed voting laws were enacted to prevent unauthorized voters from hijacking that most basic of our democratic rights? After all, is it not reasonable to be required to prove you are who you claim to be to vote, when you must do the same to cash a check or buy a beer?

Mr. Maner’s description of Mr. Obama’s detractors as “modern-day Ku Klux Klansmen” was both disappointing and inflammatory. Such rhetoric should be beneath the level of public discourse that should be expected and demanded in a civilized society.

It seems ironic that Mr. Maner’s last sentence was, “I wonder what Jesus would say about this madness?” I believe His will for us, and my earnest prayer, is that we come to an enlightened spirit of no longer choosing our candidates or judging another person’s motives or political persuasions based on skin color.

Barbara Sweeney

North Augusta, S.C.

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