Who won debate? No one

First of all, I love America. Now that you know that, I want to say that the second 2012 presidential debate was sickening.


There were several very good questions asked. Neither candidate answered a single question. Mitt Romney and President Obama skirted every question, went off in a totally different direction and never addressed the question. I was so excited about this debate that I had pen and paper to take notes. I ended up drawing stick people and doodling.

It was pathetic that these two men continued to bash each other instead of giving honest answers to some great questions. I just wanted one of the folks in the town hall to stand up and tell them to grow up and give America some answers.

People who are undecided still will be undecided based on the poor performance Tuesday night. All they did was criticize each other for two hours. I guess it was two hours, because after one hour and 30 minutes I turned off the TV. That was all I could stand.

I wish we had someone else on the ballot who could participate in these debates. I am going to vote, because voting is a wonderful right as an American. I just wish we had someone worth voting for.

Larry Lynn

New Ellenton, S.C.



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