Investigate these topics

Please do some type of reporting on these issues:


• What is with the cameras at many intersections across Columbia County? Too many motorists run red lights. Turn the cameras on and make big money for the county. I rarely drive in Richmond County.

• Please cover the trend of grunge fashion and the on-purpose cuts and slashes on the fronts of pants legs. You can buy them this way in catalogs. We ate at Hibachi Grill on West Wheeler Parkway and a female, 25-ish, wore jeans with an on-purpose huge cut from her knees upwards. Absolutely disgusting.

• Drive around neighborhoods to see the in-the-front-yard piles of junk and trash, and unkempt yards. As a nation, we once had pride in our yards, and now for too many, sloth and pure laziness have set in.

No wonder we have been downgraded by other nations across the world and many of our citizens couldn’t care less. I lived in Europe from 1987 to 1990, and all towns were clean and tidy. I remember ladies in the Netherlands washing the windows inside and out of public phone booths, and in Germany, they were sweeping their streets and alleys. We are a disgrace, and I am embarrassed and truly can’t believe what I see when driving here and there.

• Tattooing is out of control. Please do an article about the blood test for one of the hepatitis strains for “bad ink.” Big money goes for these tattoos. No wonder many kids aren’t eating properly at home – the adults are spending the money on other things.

Diane Forrester




Mon, 01/22/2018 - 18:17

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