Vote Anderson? Think again

Lee Anderson is running for Congress. In 2008, Lee asked me to be involved on his team, to be photographed for his campaign literature and to donate to his campaign. Against my better judgment, I did so, figuring a stint in the Georgia House of Representatives would affirm my doubts and fears about his fitness as a legislator.


It did. When consumer warrior Clark Howard and I bombarded the House over a bill giving Georgia Power more than $1 billion in advance profits while Georgia homeowners got double-digit rate increases, Lee voted for it and did not return my calls. We found that he listened to 70 Southern Co. lobbyists and paid more heed to his daughter’s job with the power company than he did our finances.

When tax reform came up and I had a question, he was totally ignorant about the bill and referred me to a lobbyist.

When the transportation special-purpose local option sales tax happened, we found out that Lee not only voted for the biggest tax increase in Georgia history, but it also subordinated the votes of conservatives in his Georgia House district of Lincoln and Columbia counties to the urban food stamp/SNAP recipients of inner-city Augusta who don’t have to pay sales taxes on food.

We who had supported him were dismayed when Lee took $6,000 of our unused contributions to transfer to Nathan Deal, who had run out of money fighting ethics charges as – according to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington – one of the 15 most corrupt members of Congress for 2009. He cannot, does not and will not read legislation. Lee Anderson was a total disaster for middle-class folks.

Anderson’s handlers, misinformed media types and Republican sycophants want you to believe that Lee Anderson won’t debate Democrat John Barrow because the latter is a trained trial lawyer, for whom Lee is no match. Lee Anderson doesn’t want to debate because his whole campaign is about making you so fearful of Barack Obama’s party that you forget to find out that Lee is an incompetent legislator; a supporter of the most corrupt elements of his own party; and that he doesn’t hesitate to throw middle-class Georgians under the bus when his own interests are better served.

As one who voted for every Republican president from Nixon to Bush 43, I urge you to vote for the best conservative for your family on November. Vote for John Barrow, and send Lee Anderson back to something he knows something about – farming.

Al Gray




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