Make that important choice

The 2012 presidential election is being hailed as the most important of our lifetime. But isn’t every presidential election?


Fortunately for all of us, the United States is the only nation on the planet that has enjoyed peaceful transition of leadership for more than two centuries – and, since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a president with a time-date stamp. In the past 36 years, only three incumbent presidents have been sent home: Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush. That notwithstanding, the crossroads question is: Where do we go from here?

I listened attentively to the rhetoric of both conventions and the first so-called presidential debate. Regardless of what the candidates said or did not say, our country is in an era of tricky national and international economy and politics. Perhaps neither candidate is actually capable of steering our ship of state to a safe port.

However, we must make a choice. One obvious choice is to reject the politics of party divisiveness, class warfare and economic fear-mongering, fueled by the endless stream of ads that insult the intelligence of voters actually willing to consider that the major issues are more important than a candidate’s likability or TV appeal.

The present state of affairs suggests that we should reject incumbents of either party who just want “another chance” to fix the problems that they claim to have inherited and that, unfortunately, persist. Ultimately, the decisions concerning the next four years are not subtle. If your post-2008 life has been a “Love Boat” cruise, then sail on – you are truly on a great voyage. If you find that you have been left at the dock, then you should book passage on a different ship.

Lawrence Devoe




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