Cancer care was superb

As I read Bernard Roberson’s letter of Oct. 6 (“Care philosophy flourishes”), I wanted to express to your readers what I experienced of family- and patient-centered care at the then-Medical College of Georgia in 2007 when my husband was being treated for cancer.


As some of you may know – and others, thankfully, can only imagine – that was a scary, difficult time in our lives. When you get a cancer diagnosis, it isolates you from everything and everyone for a while because it is so huge and life-altering. The people at the cancer center were kind, compassionate and always had time to listen and involve us in my husband’s care. It may seem like a small thing, but when you’re scared, kindness and compassion mean everything.

I personally don’t understand why they choose their profession, but see that there is something very special inside each of them that calls them to it. I know from personal experience that the surveys we filled out were read, and our suggestions were implemented by our next visit! The level of competence of our caregivers helped us have confidence in his treatments and outcomes.

I am very grateful for the care we received through patient- and family-centered care at Georgia Health Sciences University, and most especially for the excellent care and kindness of Drs. Teresa Coleman, Chris Shiels, and Lana Jackson.

We just celebrated being cancer-free for five years – hooray!

Also, regarding the controversy over merging GHSU with Augusta State University and proposing to rename it “Georgia Regents University,” I would like to add that the name of this institution didn’t matter one bit.

Mary W. Beasley


Care philosophy flourishes


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