Re-elect Roe probate judge

There are reasons why Aiken County voters have re-elected Judge Sue Roe over and over. These reasons are clear to most voters.

She always has had a servant’s heart and attitude toward the people of Aiken County. She always has remained professional in handling the business of the office she holds. Judge Roe is a compassionate person who never forgot where she came from. She has never shown favoritism to anyone standing before her court.

As a judge, one must show good judgment, as their rulings are final and have lasting effects on many people. While South Carolina law dictates how matters are to be handled in probate court, someone has to administer those laws. Judge Roe has demonstrated for years her ability to apply the law with compassion and without any prejudice. She also has a great record of wise management of our tax dollars and personnel.

Judge Roe has a long proven track record of outstanding public service, honesty, fairness, compassion and dedication to duty. I do not believe the voters want to swap this rare public servant for an inexperienced candidate. I know I don’t. Judge Roe has served Aiken County with honor for the majority of her adult years. She has earned our vote to re-elect her to another term in office. Ask yourself: Who is best qualified to fulfill the duties of probate judge?

I will be voting for and supporting Judge Sue Roe for probate judge. I encourage other voters to do likewise.



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