No, we're not all like her

I found the remarks of Gwen Fulcher Young in “City Ink” by Sylvia Cooper Oct. 7 to be wholly unacceptable.


Referring to the 12th District Republican candidate for Congress, Lee Anderson, she said that “sending Anderson to Washington would be like sending Honey Boo Boo up there. To send him up there would make it look like we’re all like that in Georgia.”

Gwen also is inviting a few of her “Republican” friends to meet the Obama-supporting Democrat John Barrow at her house. I sincerely hope no one confuses Gwen and her circle as true conservative Republicans.

Gwen said she doesn’t want folks to get the wrong idea about us. I share her apprehension. I do not want people to believe that we are all like Gwen. As I read her words, Gwen believes life should be run like a beauty pageant, and not based upon merit. Pedigree matters more than the electoral and lawful process of a campaign. The wishes of the voters matter little in contrast to the wishes of the elitists.

Her apparent opinion? We should salute and honor these elitists, not our flag and military. Our principles and our votes are for sale. We should embrace an Obama-supporting professional politician, like John Barrow, because he is a smooth-talking lawyer, while we ignore Barrow’s dishonest and deceitful record.

Gwen’s view of the world may represent a certain small segment of our population, but she sure does not represent this Republican woman. I have known Lee Anderson for years. He always has demonstrated his dedication to our community. Integrity is his suit and sincerity his voice. He will serve all of the citizens of the 12th District with honor, and display the sense of duty and accessibility that always has characterized his public service.

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