Get your affairs in order

A notorious atheist went for a physical checkup. The doctor reported that he had a terminal disease and that he should get his affairs in order. The atheist was beside himself and asked the doctor if there was anything he could do. The doctor thought for a minute and replied that he should go to the sauna every day and each day turn up the heat. The atheist asked how could that help him. The doctor replied it could help him get used to the heat because of the place he was going.


The Bible says, “It is appointed unto men once to die and after that the Judgement.” My friends, I can tell you like it is because I’m not seeking a popularity contest. The Bible also says, “All are sinners, both the saved as well as the unsaved.” The Bible further says that if we acknowledge that we are sinners, and accept Christ as our savior, we shall be saved.

Our churches are full of worldly people who go along to get along. We have sat passively by and allowed our nation to become godless. My Bible tells me that it will be the church that will be judged first.

It would be my educated guess that in the near future, our country will experience another false-flag attack such as 9-11, but on a much larger scale, to justify martial law, and many of us will die.

If I were you, I would get my affairs in order.

Andy Windham

Wagener, S.C.