Parole is not an option

Regarding the article “Convicted killer will have parole hearing (Oct. 2):


I was only 35 years old, married and rearing a family in Augusta when several men went on a killing rampage in the Augusta area. Three men linked to the killings – Nathan Brown, Jose High and Judson Ruffin – also were linked in Crawfordville to a ruthless, senseless and cold-blooded murder.

A gang was not satisfied in just robbing Henry Phillips’ gas station; they also kidnapped him and his stepson, Bonnie Bulloch. The gang drove them to the woods outside town to murder them in cold blood. Bonnie was only 11, and likely scared of what was going to happen when the gang stopped the car. According to testimony at the trial, Brown taunted the little 11-year-old on the way to the woods. How sick is that?

Phillips somehow survived being shot as he lay on the ground. Little Bonnie was not as lucky.

I am asking everyone to contact the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles through its website – – to let officials know whether they should parole people such as Nathan Brown. This poor excuse for a human being should never be released. Please contact the pardons and parole board as soon as possible.

Dewey Hill




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