Haze of hate covers land

Voices of hate fill the air these days, and their messages are carried in our newspapers, magazines and the Internet. Here are a few thoughts I have on the subject.


There is “simple” hate – my term for that which is born out of ignorance and a narrow, uninformed viewpoint. This hate is open and blatant, not subtle, sophisticated or devious.

It is not reflective, has no humor and cannot discern its own inconsistencies. It is seen in Westboro Baptist Church members who practice their peculiar brand of Christianity by demonstrating at funeral services of American soldiers, where they wave signs declaring that God hates America and is pleased by the deaths of these young men and women.

As hurtful and uncharitable as their behavior is, it is extremely simplistic. They are acting on their belief that God desires to punish this nation because of our tolerance of homosexuality, in their minds an “intolerable sin.” We are horrified and revolted, yet we recognize their simple agenda.

Other groups invite us to hate those who are different from ourselves – especially those who may be successful, or may have acquired wealth, but are to be hated for the fact that they do not share the political viewpoint of their detractors, who are equally blessed with worldly riches but think “correctly.”

Sometimes the haters are quite candid in their contempt, as we remember the Obama family’s minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, calling upon God to “damn America.” Similarly, the friend and mentor of candidate Obama, William Ayers, expressed and continues to express his regret that he did not set off explosive devices in more federal buildings and offices to show his disdain for his country. Candidate Obama’s wife related to us how ashamed of America she had been for most of her adult life. Such sad commentaries.

Having an agenda and a goal, the haters seek support from the credulous by portraying themselves as altruistic benefactors of the downtrodden. This is a pose. The truth is revealed by their vicious personal attacks and the disinformation and falsehoods they employ, following the words of Machiavelli that “the end justifies the means.” The “end” is to be the transfer of greater power into the hands of the elite few who are the “fittest to govern” in their own eyes.

We have a representative republic, a form of government that is messy, inefficient and imperfect. It remains the best yet devised. Why would we change for something worse?

Sarah McKibben

North Augusta, S.C.



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