Sand Hills deserves better

We write this letter to express our great concern for the overall condition of the Sand Hills community, a very deserving and historic community. Having lived in the Sand Hills community for decades, we know firsthand how long this area has been overlooked and underserved as it relates to boarded and abandoned houses and properties; lack of maintenance of properties; overgrown trees; streets that need repaving; potholes in streets; insufficient street lights; cleaning of street drains; sweeping of streets; etc.


The bottom line is that the Sand Hills community has been neglected far too long! The residents of the Sand Hills community deserve more.

We call upon the city to focus its attention on Weed Street as an example. It is one of the oldest paved streets in Sand Hills. We think Weed Street has never been repaved or resurfaced in more than 60 years, or ever. That’s hard to imagine. As you ride down Weed Street, one can see hazardous breaks in the cement, potholes, missing pavement, broken curves, etc.

Additionally, the boarded and abandoned houses are eyesores and health hazards for all residents in the area. A vacant, boarded-up pink barn/storage building on Weed Street is a serious hazard. It is a breeding ground for snakes, rats and other strays. It serves no purpose and needs to be razed immediately.

Sand Hills Neighborhood Association President, Jay Armstrong has been working enthusiastically over the past several years trying to get the city to notice and move forward in restoring this community. Open dialogue and action need to take place immediately to improve the living conditions of the taxpaying citizens of this community.

We urge the city to move forward with plans to restore this community to one where there is great pride.



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