Show Islam's peaceful side

Have you even been in a store where a child is screaming and asking, “Mommy, I want this,” or “Mommy, I want that”? While the child is fussing and screaming, the parent either does nothing or can’t do anything. And the child continues to throw a tantrum.


I believe that the Muslim extremists in the Middle East are just like spoiled children throwing tantrums. The major difference is that Muslim extremists burn, loot and murder. The religious leaders are like the parents, and either refuse to do anything or have no control.

How is it that the image of Jesus can be portrayed (and not always in a good light); Bill Maher can demonize Christianity; and devout Christians can be called bigots and homophobes – but when Muhammad is portrayed or seemingly maligned, and Qurans allegedly mishandled, the Arab world goes crazy? Fatwas are issued, and the West (usually the United States) is attacked and demonized.

Jesus wanted his followers to turn the other cheek and love our neighbors as we love ourselves. A good many Muslims, including their religious leaders, are still living in the 12th century and seem to have deified the prophet Muhammad. You can’t insult Muhammad or his holy book.

What I have not seen is this craziness carried out by American Muslims. Maybe they have been influenced by their neighbors.

Islamic religious leaders need to join the 21st century, turn the other cheek more and truly portray Islam as the religion of peace, as so many politicians portray it. Scenes out of Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Afghanistan do not portray a religion of peace, but one of vengeance, mayhem and murder.

George J. Weber




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