Don't vote Democratic

Thanks to Lowell Greenbaum and Victor Reilly for giving me a little inspiration from their letters to the editor every month. It all sounds so good and touches the heart. It almost gets me wanting to be a liberal – until I’m reminded that their line of thinking has gotten this country $16 trillion in debt.


We elect a president every four years to lead this country and uphold the Constitution, not divide the country based on class warfare or race. The House of Representatives that makes laws and spends our money has been in Democratic control 64 of the past 80 years. The Senate that passes the laws has had Democratic control for 58 of the past 80 years. So I ask: Who does it seem got us in this mess?

Facts do not lie. We are spending $1.3 trillion a year that we don’t have. Where do we stop – $16 trillion, or $20 trillion? Do we just keep going and see what happens? That seems the way of the Democrats.

Here’s the reality: Someone’s going to endure some pain. Who’s it going to be – you, your kids or your grandkids? Take your pick – it’s coming.

I have never been in denial, and always deal in reality. Voting Democratic is not the answer.

Gary McNeal

North Augusta, S.C.



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