Lawsuit will cost plenty

I realize that the biggest news stories right now concern the November elections, in which Georgia’s Democrats, independents, Libertarians, and Republicans will battle one another. However, there’s another battle going on right now that should unite all of us Georgia taxpayers, regardless of political affiliation.


Despite being warned in advance by Regent University in Virginia that it would litigate if necessary to protect its copyright, Georgia’s elitist regents renamed the newly conjoined Augusta State University/Georgia Health Sciences University after themselves. Not only was that act arrogant, divisive and insulting to those of us in the Augusta area, but it quite likely will prove to be very costly for all of us Georgia taxpayers, as we foot the bill for our beloved regents’ legal defenses.

Those regents who voted for the name change must be held financially accountable for their indiscretions. My heart would not be broken if they, and the equally arrogant GHSU President Ricardo Azziz, were escorted to the exits.

I sincerely hope that Morris Communications will get the word out to the entire state, and keep us all apprised of the costs associated with the ongoing litigation.

Bill Harding


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