Don't forgo right to vote

You hear it on many fronts, from Republicans and Democrats alike: This is the most important election in our lifetime. The truth is that every election should be considered the most important election of our time.


It is the opportunity for every American to exercise the right to vote – a privilege reserved for us because of the sacrifices of American troops, valiant civilian support workers and “ordinary” people who sacrificed safety, pleasure and even their lives so we can enjoy this precious right.

I read an alarming statistic several months ago that more than 30 percent of all Christians are not even registered to vote! What a shame and a disgrace that millions of people literally scoff at the liberty our Founders risked everything to gain. What a shame that valiant freedom fighters such as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. literally gave their lives for freedom and liberty, so we can be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin.

Whether you agree with my political opinion or not: Vote! If you are not sure if you are registered, go to this Internet link – – and find out. The second step is to register. The third step is vote!

The link can tell you if you are registered to vote. Find out, then do something about it.

Thomas W. Smith




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