It must be Reagan's fault

Regarding the $70,000 spent by the American Embassy in Pakistan on a commercial showing President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denouncing an anti-Islamic film that appeared on YouTube:


The Last Temptation of Christ was considered a highly offensive film by conservative Christians produced during Ronald Reagan’s presidency in 1988. An attack on Saint Michel theatre in Paris on Oct. 22 of that year because of the film’s showing elicited no $70,000 commercial from the Oval Office condemning the film and stating that it is not what America stands for – leaving the French and religious conservatives no choice but to hate America, burn American flags and act like wild dogs.

Maybe it was Reagan’s strong former ties to Hollywood that caused this obvious lapse of administrative action that was so needed. Thankfully, Obama and Clinton have showed us how it is to be done: Spend taxpayer money, even though we don’t have extra to throw away, but what the heck – $70,000 can be printed in seconds. Apologize, apologize, apologize.

I am sure there are other bad movies produced during this administration that movie critics can apologize for. Now, where is their country’s leadership buying commercials in the United States apologizing for their citizens burning our flag and shouting for our death? Hmm. We believe in freedom of speech, and are apologizing for it. They are performing terrorists acts. Where are their administrations’ outrage on these anti-American protesters?

I suggest the American people scrape together $70,000 and produce our own commercial for their viewing. This is what it would say:

“We the American people believe in freedom of speech, even if we don’t agree with everything we hear or see. We don’t hate you. We don’t wish you would die. We don’t care if you want to be Muslims. We don’t understand why you burn American flags, but that is your right.

But, if you threaten the life of any American, or if you take action to harm or kill any of our citizens, then we take action. You will not be able to hide. Justice will be served. Hopefully none of this will be necessary, and your governments and your fellow citizens will take care of your evil purposes in-house.

“Don’t be fooled. America is a compassionate country, offering aid throughout the world. But we are strong, and will not be tolerant of terrorism aimed at our country. God bless you.”

End of commercial. What do you think, Ronnie?


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