Does Obama really care?

Mitt Romney’s generosity is very well-documented. These stories range from buying gifts for a family on hard times during Christmas to Romney buying material and physically helping to build a park in memory of a child who had died. These stories range from helping a family with poor credit purchase a home, to visiting and spending time with a dying child to ease the child’s transition from this world. The Romneys even helped save a family when their boat sank!

President Obama’s wealth has gone from about $1.2 million to more than $7 million during his tenure as president. Despite Obama’s wealth, I have not seen or heard of one act of generosity by Obama that involved him personally doing something to help someone else.

So I have a question for the liberals who accuse Romney of not caring: Exactly what stories exist of Obama’s personal charity to those who are suffering or less fortunate? While you bash Romney, please show me stories of Obama’s caring.

It seems to me that Obama only extends caring when he can write a government check – and then he calls that “compassion”!