What of profligate Obama?

As the general election campaign season is hitting its full stride, the media, the Left, many Democrats and the president of the United States (big difference) are revving up the attacks on Mitt Romney’s income. They believe that income beyond a certain amount is wrong and/or ill-gotten and/or too much.


Why? Romney’s income is “bad,” but those of Oprah Winfrey, Joy Behar, George Clooney and other militant leftists is acceptable. And may I add that Romney’s income is far less than the aforementioned? But they toe the Left’s line, and therefore, their income is justified.

Mitt Romney just released his 2011 tax return that indicated an income of $14 million and taxes paid of $1.9 million. The Left seized the opportunity to call for implementation of the Communist Manifesto’s Second Plank, and to condemn those who work and generate income – thereby reducing/eliminating the need for government services.

If the money that Romney made/earned last year is “too much” (as if it’s any of our business), what say you about the taxpayers’ money squandered on Michelle Obama’s vacations? Spin this fact if you can: Michelle Obama’s narcissistic world tour cost as much as Mitt Romney earned – and the real kicker is that you deem her entitled to her excursions.

Did the Obamas at least pay taxes on her vacations? What about sending their eldest child to Mexico during spring break with 12 of her friends and 25 Secret Service agents? And Barack has the chutzpah to gripe that Michelle receives no income as first lady!

Sleep easy. Romney paid $1.9 million to help offset those travel expenses.

And oh, by the way, is there any chance the president will come out and say anything about the radicals in the Middle East clinging to their guns and religion? I mean, he accused and condemned Americans for it, so it stands to reason that the American president will condemn to a greater degree those in other countries bent on killing Americans.

Ah, never mind.



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