Swing states - shift right!

I can’t fathom the polls in this election. South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama will go for Mitt Romney. Those three states garner Romney 34 paltry electoral votes. Conservatives can count on Texas, too (38). But giant California and New York add up to 84 electoral votes and, polls say, are solid for President Obama.


Romney needs 198 more to beat this absolutely delusional orator on steroids, who is perennially campaigning while the Middle East destroys our property and chases out our personnel – trained diplomatic corps members who are supposed to be the vanguard of peacemaking in foreign countries.

Obama boasted away about his ability to foster global peace.

How can any rationally minded American not remember what Mr. Greek Pillars promised this country in August 2008 (he never tires of hearing himself say “as president of the United States”)? I tortured myself recently reading that disjointed homily and thought: Where did this narcissistic man come from – promising disillusioned Americans the moon without a scintilla of experience and competence to follow through?

Recently, after a randy day in Las Vegas, Obama went nighty-night while Ambassador Chris Stephens’ body was being dragged around Benghazi, Libya. The administration pronounced the cause – a little video “offensive of Muhammad,” released on Sept. 10, instigated this supposedly impromptu assassination on 9-11.

Romney will get dozens more electoral votes, but industrial states Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania seem to not know what’s going on. They think that General Motors and Chrysler were “bailed out.” How could the auto industry collapse in a country of half a billion cars? No, the United Auto Workers union was bailed out, at the expense of GM’s Delphi Corporation, who got shafted.

Obama-swooning citizens think the Cool One just needs more time, even though Romney has spent a lifetime fixing things!

Swing states: Swing right.

Pam Shumway

McCormick, S.C.



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