An informed vote is vital

Mitt Romney, upon winning nomination, did not drift toward the center as many had expected. Instead, he cemented his rightist views by choosing Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential nominee. Romney may try to distance himself from Ryan’s ideas, but why then did he choose him?


All the Republicans in the U.S. House agreed with Ryan’s budget proposal this year that would cut even further the taxes on the wealthiest among us, while offsetting that with huge cuts in programs that keep many from starving and losing their homes – including those disadvantaged at birth, as well as those who get very sick or, through no fault of their own, lose their jobs and their health insurance. The Ryan plan also would make it far more difficult for the middle class to send their children to college.

Since all Republican House members agreed to such a draconian proposal, they should be denied re-election.

I voted for Roosevelt in 1944, and have voted in every election since. The choice we made in 2000 turned out to be the worst in a century. Other than that one, the upcoming election may be the most important since 1932. Since the polls rank it as very close, it has to be that the electorate is not well informed as to what is at stake. Those planning to vote ought to study the Ryan plan before they do.

Romney’s misguided actions in the recent unrest in the Muslim world also suggests he learned nothing from George W. Bush’s foreign misadventures.

The poor may think things can’t get any worse, but if Romney/Ryan wins and prevails over Congress, there would be hunger and homelessness like we haven’t seen since the 1930s. His election would risk civil unrest not seen since then.

It is that vital.

Victor Reilly

Aiken, S.C.



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