Romney remarks no secret

Mitt Romney was being honest when he uttered his “47 percent “ diatribe in front of his type of people. He confidently said in public what is cowardly spoken in private.

It is a fact that rich people have contempt for poor people. Therefore, it stands to reason that rich presidential candidates have contempt for poor voters. To this, both rich Democrats and Republicans are in agreement.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans have any desire to help the lower class advance out of its impoverished state. The difference is the Democrats make the poor comfortable, while the Republicans make the poor uncomfortable. However, both work to keep the poor in serfdom and systematically dismantle the middle class to add to the serf pool. This focus has been the mission of every president since Richard Nixon.

If published, the mission statement from Nixon to Barack Obama would read as follows: Work for the rich by working over the middle class and lower class.



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