Candidate shows disdain

Mitt Romney’s candid remarks shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who has followed his poorly planned campaign.

This businessman made money by creating low paying jobs at Dunkin’ Donuts, Staples, Outback, Burlington Coat Factory, Michael’s, and Toys R Us. Many of the employees at these Bain stores don’t earn enough wage to pay taxes. Like the man who killed his parents wanting mercy because he is an orphan, Romney shows disdain for the nonpayers of income tax he help create.

Ninety percent of the people who vote Republican are white, which the Census claims is a shrinking demographic. Romney, the businessman, is attempting to save the GOP by getting a larger share of a decreasing demographic. This is an unsuccessful business model.

Romney doesn’t seem to grasp why everyone can’t be a rich white Mormon. It was so easy for him. The man is unintentionally entertaining. He could use a teleprompter.



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