Will our insurance change?

With all the hullabaloo going on over the renaming of Augusta State University, I’ve been watching what else is taking place, now that there’s a new man at the helm.


When I arrived back in Augusta in 1980, having just lost a husband, the first job I found was transcribing a manuscript for a physician at the Medical College of Georgia. It was a temporary job, but before it was over, I took a job at Augusta College, working in the School of Business. What a blessing it was for me and my children. Augusta College had changed during the years I was away from here, and the old Arsenal buildings had become classrooms. My next step was to move into the office of the dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, where I served under deans J. Gray Dinwiddie, Ron Tallman and the wonderful Elizabeth House.

When President William Bloodworth arrived on campus, a flurry of progressiveness began, and before we knew it, we had become Augusta State University! The campus changed drastically – the old asbestos-laden Arsenal warehouse/classrooms disappeared, and the campus became a beautiful asset to Augusta.

Now, things again are undergoing change, and in my retirement, I’m concerned about the fact that the University System of Georgia recently has stated that our health insurance will be increasing by about 8.5 percent! In the wake of this announcement, several articles have appeared recently stating that multimillion-dollar buildings soon will be in the making.

It has been stated that retirees, while they have this health care, are also eligible for Medicare. Is this group not aware that doctors are now dropping their Medicare patients? Does this mean that the retirees are now going to have to increase our health-care payments each month for the system to erect new buildings? Our retirement benefits are not going to increase by more than 1 percent, nor will there be increases in cost of living.

Would the new president of Georgia Regents University care to elaborate on this for the sake of those retirees who have been so faithful to the University System?

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