Why are we still in Mideast?

Regarding the U.S. Embassy attacks in the Middle East: I don’t know but it seems to me that we continue to try to buy peace there.

This is a region that has been in turmoil and conflict for more than 2,000 years. I often wonder: What are we doing there? Most of the people are undereducated, and living in a culture that likely never will be educated; their belief is that the only God is Allah, and if you are not a believer in Islam and Muhammad’s Quran, you are an infidel and should be annihilated.

I have crudely said in the past that we should move the people out of Israel and any other peace-loving Muslims from that region and then drop the big one, turn the entire region into a sheet of glass and quit worrying about it.

We do not need their oil; we have plenty here if we are allowed access to it. Why do we have such an influx of Muslims into the Western world? Is it because they do not want to live in that desert region; is it because they want to spread Islam; or is it because they want to be implanted in the Western world when their big jihad is fully launched?

I don’t know. I hope for the best, but continue to wonder.


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