Opinion on government sad

How disappointing, but not surprising, to read Grady Abrams’ remarks in the Opinion section of The Chronicle Aug. 12 (“In many cases, government is the solution.”)


Like an echo from the Obama administration, Mr. Abrams heaped praise on the federal government from whom, he seems to believe, all blessings flow.

I have, in his words, a “humble opinion” that the greatness of America has more to do with our form of limited government, which created a climate for individual achievement and success. Is this not one reason for our attraction to the rest of the world’s peoples?

“Government” is such a nebulous word. Could we have a moratorium on it and substitute “Taxpaying Citizens” instead?

These are the source of all the revenue that pays for programs, activities, roads, bridges, etc., that are cited by Mr. Abrams and President Obama as gifts to us from our beneficent government!

Equally disappointing, and not unexpected, was the off-topic assertion that “there is now an effort afoot to eliminate certain people from participating in the government by putting up hurdles to make it more difficult to vote.”

Oh, please!

I would have hoped for a more reasoned argument from Mr. Abrams.

Sarah McKibben

North Augusta, S.C.

In many cases, government is the solution


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