Obama's folly is evident

With the election looming in our headlights in less than two months, it’s incredible to me that so many of us still cleave to President Obama as the presumed redeemer who will finally rescue our flagging economy from its doldrums and recreate millions of badly-needed jobs, even when it is painfully clear that his policies have failed to do so in four years of practice.


When he proposes nothing but a continuation of the same approach, citing only insufficient time as an excuse, what is it that his followers see in his methods that lends them any credence? No previous recession has ever lasted this long, nor had unemployment more than 8 percent been previously sustained more than three years.

Why is it that so many likely voters cannot see the folly in Obama’s reckless increase in the federal deficit (nearly $6 trillion in four years) with no credible plan to curtail it? His lame solution is to raise taxes on the “rich” – those who create the lion’s share of American jobs, and already pay most of the income taxes. The debt is now more than $16 trillion – some $52,000 for every man, woman and child in America!

Why can’t we see the precarious path we are following, like Pied Piper-Obama’s rats to the end of the fiscal pier, soon to be swallowed up in the swamp of socialism in the manner of Greece, et al.? Who among us are blind enough not to see that our national survival is at stake in this election? It’s high time for a turnaround!

Terrence Bedell




Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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