God's word to be silenced?

With respect to Ms. Joni Ellsworth’s comments (“Food chain against gays,” Aug. 9) regarding Dan Cathy and his views on gay marriage:


It seems he is doing exactly what many influential gay rights personalities and media outlets are doing to promote their views on this same subject. Shall we shut down those who use newspapers, the entertainment industry, television and other vocal outlets for the expression and significant dollar contributions to their views? Apparently so, since Ms. Ellsworth would have us shut down anyone who takes a biblical stance on this subject.

That we are a country of laws allows us the right to express our views and to spend our resources as we choose to express our stand on issues that are important, controversial or not. Lashing out at others as bigoted because they do not share our views, and a willingness to deny them the same right of free expression, seems incongruous to say the least.

Dan Cathy, and millions of others, including multiple faiths, have a similar stance on this issue. Trashing the Bible as a source of this bigotry because it includes very vivid descriptions of the human condition misconstrues the message and intent of Scripture.

There is no attempt in Scripture, Old or New Testaments, to hide the effects of sinful behavior and the way it undermines the intent of God for His creation. Adam, Noah, Saul, David, Solomon, the church at Corinth and a host of other examples are a testimony to what happens when people make choices that conflict with God’s directives for His people.

What Ms. Ellsworth misses in her assessment of the Bible is the overriding theme of God’s grace regardless of the choices we make. The historical record of the impact of sin is clear; the power of God’s grace is redemptive to anyone who chooses to hear what God has to say.

Bill Colbert



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