Name scheme goes deeper

Ever since you printed my letter last month (“Boycott both schools,’ Aug. 12), I have been musing over the reason for the resistance to changing the name of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University to “Georgia Regents University.”


I have now come up with some thoughts as to what I see as a hidden agenda.

I think that they are only halfway through this naming program.

I believe the powers that be have a much grander scheme than they have put forth so far.

To have a name that will stand out, and an institution that is second to none, they must continue with their changes. The national schools, like the University of Michigan and Notre Dame, not only have medical and fine arts colleges, but they have engineering colleges.

I envision GHSU President Ricardo Azziz moving everything to Athens. The medical college will have to be moved to Athens.

They will come up with a multinational company wanting to locate in Atlanta.

That new company will buy out the Georgia Tech campus, and that school also will be relocated to Athens.

We can then rename the new institution “The University of Georgia Medical and Arts Tech.” They will shorten that to GMAT. They will keep sub-campuses in Augusta and Atlanta, and possibly put new subs in one or two other new areas.

I cannot imagine Azziz being able to keep his plans bottled up for very long.

I cannot see how 17 of the 18 members of the Board of Regents can be bribed to participate in such a grandiose scheme. And I can’t imagine the audacity of Azziz to go against the will of the people in the naming of the institution, and the revision of the entire educational system.

Richard J. Moser


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