Keep those letters coming

First, relative to the much-despised name of “Georgia Regents University”:


I believe the effort to get the name changed or altered would be better served if each school – Georgia Health Sciences University and Augusta State University – organized a letter-writing campaign by the students and staffs. Then, direct those letters to Gov. Nathan Deal and the Board of Regents directly. When I say “letter-writing,” I mean just that – i.e., use pen and paper. A handwritten letter carries a lot more weight. Keep the letter short and to the point.

If each student and staff member would do that not just once but weekly, I can assure you results will follow.

Second: Most of us are shocked at how the Richmond County sheriff’s primary runoff turned out, but that can be corrected. In the general election, forget party and vote for the best-qualified candidate. Just place their resumes and backgrounds side-by-side, and it becomes abundantly clear. There is only one candidate who is truly qualified, so do your homework and vote with your brain and not the party. Come on, Reagan Democrats, use your brains.

Frank Scharite


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