Keep protesting GRU name

After attending the Sept. 7 consolidation information meeting at Augusta State University, I think that the current uproar over the name “Georgia Regents University” – for the combined ASU and Georgia Health Sciences University – reflects a much deeper issue in the minds of those in our community.

The school on Walton Way has been in existence since the founding of our country. There seems to be an effort to wipe out an institution that has been part of our city’s history since the time of the Revolutionary War. Since we seem to have no recourse except letters to the governor, it is my hope that the community will flood the governor’s office with letters of protest. We cannot stand by and allow the entire history of Augusta College or Augusta State University to be wiped out by people who don’t even come from our area.

I encourage readers of The Augusta Chronicle to write letters of protest to the governor. It is our only hope of a good outcome to this deplorable situation.

Tina Stafford-Dingler




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