Name change wastes money

We are a severe debtor nation. Unemployment is high; the middle class is disappearing; and many people do not have enough food. There is significant hunger in the land. Food banks are saying they are having trouble keeping up with demand.


I received a request from a local food bank recently in the mail. It stated that, for $25, it could provide food for 100 meals.

In other news, $45,500 was squandered on a name-change survey that was never used for the merging of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University. That money could have provided 182,000 meals for the hungry. You do the math.

I promise this is correct. Math doesn’t lie, deceive or manipulate. It is not egotistical, grandiose, self-serving, condescending or narcissistic. I love math.

There is no telling how much of the taxpayers’ money will be spent on this upcoming lawsuit by Regent University in Virginia, suing over the name “Georgia Regents University” proposed for the new combined school in Augusta. It’s money we can ill afford. Stop this eggheaded, bullheaded, egotistical insanity about a name change. Leave the names as ASU, GHSU and the Medical College of Georgia, and let’s move on to really serious problems.

Jack Gillis


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