Azziz's arrogance is galling

Looking beyond the name “Georgia Regents University” for the combined Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University; the expensive study for a name; and even the manipulated Board of Regents, it’s the arrogance of GHSU President Ricardo Azziz ever since he stepped foot in the city.


I have read Azziz’s résumé, and he does have a very credible background in research, but nothing that notable in administration. He has been very immersed in several politically liberal institutions; e.g., UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine and appointments by then-California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I see Azziz as a man looking for a place to make a name for himself while also being able to run roughshod over the villagers. After the glitz of the Left Coast and Los Angeles, I am sure he saw Augusta as a sleepy little town he could take over with little resistance and rule, with little regard for the villagers whom he has treated with disdain.

He has manipulated the Board of Regents and put a boot at the throat of a local government that is groveling for the extra pennies that might come to town. There’s plenty of blame to heap on his shoulders, but shame on the Georgians who rolled over and let this man have his will in spite of knowing deep down it ran against the grain of every one of us.

I’m not even an alumnus, so my voice has less weight than most around here, but I will have my own small protest and push back. I will forever refer to the school as University of Augusta. I would love to see your newspaper do the same.




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