No shame in "Augusta" name

Regarding the proposed naming of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University as “Georgia Regents University”:


In 1983, I was a junior at Augusta College, and went to Mexico with the Spanish Club. While in the city of Merida, the capital of Yucatan state, I was practicing my Spanish-speaking skills with a group of local people. When asked where in the United States I lived, I said, “Georgia,” and they looked confused. I then said, “Augusta, Georgia,” and several faces lighted up. One fellow pantomimed swinging a golf club. They knew Augusta.

One of our greatest assets and calling cards is the gracious, generous and internationally known Augusta National Golf Club. People know Augusta.

I know not of the high-falutin’ politics of running a major school of higher education. I do know common sense, and I do know right from wrong. GHSU President Ricardo Azziz was welcomed into this community when he came here. He has shown himself to be an untruthful and unethical individual.

While I am certain he is a brilliant man in his own right, I suspect he will continue to follow a path of leadership that features his own agenda, not that which is best for our medical school, dental school, schools of allied health, university and city.

As others have pointed out in your newspaper, we have our problems as a city. However, there is no shame in the name “Augusta,” and I wish Azziz and the Georgia Board of Regents would accept that.

Millie Moore


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