Azziz just needs to leave

About merging Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University under the name “Georgia Regents University”:


The name “Medical College of Georgia” should be the name. It has been known for years as MCG, and everybody knows it by that name. These long, detailed names are not as useful as some may think; they are what a person wants as his or her signature. GHSU President Ricardo Azziz has done nothing but put his signature on changes, not thinking what the change may do to this prestigious institution. To name it “Georgia Regents University” does not do it justice.

I have no connection to the school, and do not think the students had any input into the naming. Azziz tried closing a main street, and will try any other thing he can think of to put his signature on. Azziz needs to go back where he came from, or somewhere else, and leave this medical college alone. It was doing great before he came.

You will lose students because of the name change and his radical, selfish ideas. Azziz should leave and take his ideas somewhere else.

I also think Augusta State should be separate, although they overlap some courses. It is a very good college and should stand alone with its own name. Ask the students – not some person who is so selfish that he wants his signature on all things to make his place in history.

This already is backfiring, and I hope the students keep fighting for their rights!

Betty J. Moore


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