Stop protest and move on

Enough is enough. The protest for the naming of the merged universities Georgia Regents University has run its course, and the members of the Georgia Board of Regents haven’t budged.


So it is time is to move on and lend our support to this great leader and visionary, Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz.

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Azziz in our community. He has brought to us a can-do attitude, and is showing us that what we have can be enhanced and improved to become world-renowned.

Sometimes, I have wondered if Dr. Azziz is too big for us, or if we are too small for him. Do we become too comfortable with the status quo? Or, when someone comes in our midst and shakes a few trees, do we worry that we may not catch some of the goodies?

I have heard Dr. Azziz speak a couple of times, and each time I have been impressed with his grace, eagerness, toughness and courage. He has the support of our governor and the regents. Thus, our community stands to profit greatly.

Let us show Dr. Azziz that we Augustans are “cool.”

Tracy E. Williams Jr.


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