Name-changers 'cowards'

I have known Augusta Chronicle Publisher William S. Morris III for about 35 years. I always have known him to be decent, honest and honorable. I commend him for standing up for the principles he holds and resigning from the position he held on the Georgia Health Sciences University Board of Visitors, in protest of combining Augusta State University and GHSU under the name “Georgia Regents University.”


It appears that the Georgia Board of Regents might have been considering this move when they brought GHSU President Ricardo Azziz from the “Left Coast” to “advance” the university. It also appears that this renaming process is like Obamacare, in the words of U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi: Pass it to find out what’s in it.

If the regents want to ignore local branding, then they also should eliminate the word “Georgia,” making it “their” university, or Azziz University, then scuttle back to their holes like the cowards they are.

I have changed my will, wherein all my estate – while not huge, but in the six-figure category – was to have gone to local cancer research. It now will go to the University of Cincinnati for the same purpose. Likewise, my body was to have gone to GHSU, but that will not be happening now.

I decry Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver’s spineless positions, and similar views of other so-called leaders.

George Dean


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