Azziz needs to be examined

As a former student at Augusta State University, and with my wife as a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, we respectfully will not be able to donate alumni funds to an institution that took advantage of the CSRA’s goodwill; promised that our input would be valued as to the new name of the combined colleges as long as “medical” was not in the name; and held the name to a three-word limit.

Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz was dishonest in not admitting to us that another criterion was that “Augusta” also would not to be considered. He also ignored a $45,500 survey by Kennesaw State University; did not disclose the full survey results to the Board of Regents; and pushed his belief that the word “Augusta” was too parochial, too local and just not cool – without any survey or scientific data to back up that claim! No up-and-coming researchers would be hired at GHSU if that was the way they made research decisions.

Yet Azziz is immune from the people and community that built these two great institutions? It seems that the doctor “doctored” the naming process; now we should get the governor and Board of Regents to “vet” Azziz!

Mark Tribby, D.V.M.


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