Name reflects 'selfish pride'

I am a student at Augusta State University. I am heavily involved on campus and in the community. I dedicate a great amount of hard work and heart to this university, and the way this name change is being handled is atrocious and a slap in the face.


The Board of Regents is acting like there was no school here at all before this consolidation. Yes, there will be one new university at the end of the consolidation, but there has been research, tuition-paying students and caring faculty at both institutions long before they decided to consolidate. If the regents want to make a school and name it after themselves, they should legitimately create a school from nothing. Then they can name it whatever they please.

The name “Georgia Regents University” reflects nothing about the university that these students, faculty and staff have built. It reflects nothing about the future of this new institution. It only reflects selfish pride and ruthless ambition.

I have supported this merger wholeheartedly, but if the way this name change is being handled is an indication of how the rest of this merger will be dealt with, I cannot and will not support it.

I implore those who have the power to change this name. You have broken the trust of an entire community. Regain it by admitting your mistakes. Do not alienate us any longer.

Audrey Lewis


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