Leave school's name alone

I was an Augusta State University student. My biggest regret has been not finishing my degree, and that is one of my biggest wishes now. I may only be 24, but I can recognize some of the impact the name change to Georgia Regents University already has had.

Changing the name to GRU was an enormous mistake! Why is ASU bad? That name gives a location and a mission, and sounds perfect to all who have gone there and will go there. But GRU? Georgia Regents University? What does that mean? People in Georgia and South Carolina know the school by the name it has had for years. The city is recognized along with the name of the school: Augusta, home of the Augusta National Golf Club, the Masters Tournament and Augusta State University.

Instead of giving it a simple and homely community-college-sounding name, return it to ASU and continue the recognition it already has earned.



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